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We offer you to participate in our unique affiliate program. You have the opportunity to significantly increase your income by participating in our affiliate program!

What is our goal? We are striving to create a global partner network. For this purpose we have prepared special conditions for our partners. Now each of our investors has an excellent opportunity to receive income on the Internet. And it does not matter where you live or where you work. Every registered user can earn with our affiliate program. We would like to note that you do not need to have an active deposit for participation in the "Deck Trade Invest LTD" referral program.

We have two partner program statuses: Partner and Representative.


This affiliate program is available for absolutely every investor of Deck Trade Invest LTD. It has a very well-pleasing interest:
from each deposit of the 1st level referral you will receive 8%, from each deposit of the 2nd level referral you will receive 5%, and 3% from each deposit of the 3rd level referral.





A referral program that is suitable for more experienced investors of Deck Trade Invest LTD.
Status "Representative" is given to an investor with a personal deposit from $ 5000 and with a team deposit from $ 25,000. This affiliate program has the following percentage ratio of each deposit to the level of the referral: level 1 - 15%, level 2 - 10%, level 3 - 5%




Money is credited to your account immediately. Please note that payments will be charged to the purse of the payment system in which the deposit was opened.


If you are interested in becoming a regional representative of Deck Trade Invest LTD, you need to click the "Become a representative" button and fill in all the fields in the questionnaire. Our managers will process your application within a few days and submit your data to the representative database. You can become our regional representative if you have a deposit above $500, are well versed in the Deck Trade Invest LTD system and advise new users of the site. If you do not fit these criteria, but really want to become our representative in your region, then you can get the status of junior representative. To do this, also click on "Become a representative" and fill in the blank fields. However, remember that the younger representatives of the amount of partner accruals will be the same.